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Toute la fonction Commerciale


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Ce livre hyper important contient plusieurs informations, et ce décompose en 15 chapitres comme suite :

Chapitre 1 : La direction commerciale dans l’entreprise

At the interface between the client and the company, the commercial function manages a permanent policy of compromise between the requirements of the general management. Senior management expects results, salespeople, consideration. As for customers, they are more and more demanding and unfaithful. Whatever the culture of the company, the performance of salespeople is calculated, analyzed, commented on, sometimes even beyond the circle of the sales function.

la fonction de commerce
la fonction de commerce

Chapitre 2 : Les métiers de la fonction commerciale

companies’ commercial policy has shifted from a so-called “product” logic to a “customer” logic. It is less a question of selling a product at any price, regardless of the customer, than of proposing a global solution and a personalized offer. At the origin of this mutation, the trivialization of products and a supply greater than demand which obliges companies to reflect on their competitive added value and to define complex strategies to retain loyal customers who are better and better informed, therefore more demanding and more “volatile”. For example, in the automobile industry, the “global offer” solution is illustrated by the possibility of selling a new vehicle but also of buying the old one, offering a service contract, providing a guarantee and, why not, a Financial plan.

Chapitre 3 : le concept de motivation

Before entrusting a mission to an employee, the manager asks himself many questions because he expects a certain level of performance. These questions concern in particular the ability of the person to do what is asked of them: these are elements of knowledge and know-how. It’s not enough. To be assured of the quality of the work provided, an essential element is lacking: motivation or “the will to do”. This third element is particularly essential for salespeople, many of whose skills are expressed in terms of interpersonal skills.

la fonction de commerce
la fonction de commerce

Chapitre 4 : L’essentiel de Marketing

The marketing function is more and more closely linked to the commercial function. But what marketing are we talking about? Besides, can we really talk about marketing? For ten years, in fact, the marketing function has specialized, the chain of trades getting longer and longer. The objective of this part of the book is to decode the fundamental terms and tools, to identify the trades and to understand the marketing process in order to be a commercial “marketer”.

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