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Comptabilité et AUDIT : 48 fiches de cours

comptabilité et audit

Insurers, themselves impacted by COVID-19, are fully mobilized to ensure business continuity during this exceptional period and support their policyholders on a daily basis and for car insurance.
In this context of great difficulty,like
insurance home insurers have announced exceptional measures to protect the people and businesses most affected by the Covid-19 virus.

comptabilité et audit

The concept of insurance interest is at the base, or rather at the heart of the insurance contract, and this, both in the field of insurance of damage than in that of personal insurance, object of the this analysis. It is obviously useful, very interesting, even almost essential, to understand the foundations that underlie the need to hold such an interest.

Insurance interest in insurance of personal insurance, insurance home and for car insurance

However car insurance compare, almost all contracts covering businesses (business interruption, supply chain break, cancellation of events, failure to deliver, etc.) exclude the event of an epidemic. Indeed, depending on its duration and scale, an epidemic can affect all sectors and have an impact on overall economic activity, thus making its economic consequences uninsurable.


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